A 12th Standard Student writes an open letter to PM Modi regarding the hike in IIT fees

Sudhanshu Lodha, a 12th standard student from Nashik, has written an open letter to PM Modi regarding the recent hike in IIT fees and how all his plans have been disrupted as a result.

Here is the open letter that Sudhanshu wrote:

[pullquote align=”full”] An Open Letter to PM Shri Narendra Modi on the hike in IIT fees.


Respected PM Sir,


I am a class 12th student. A fortnight back, I wrote my HSC Exam and I completed the IIT-JEE last week. Currently, I am preparing for MH-CET and then BITS-JEE is in the pipeline.


Last few years, I have been preparing for all these exams, days and night. All the effort is to get an admission to a good college, where I do not have to pay too much of a fees.


Just because the colleges do not impart quality education, I took extra classes so that I can get a good score in the IIT-JEE. My first priority was going to IITs and the reason was, quality education at an “affordable” cost. In fact, even this cost is a bit higher to our pocket.


All my calculations disrupted when I read that the IIT Fees are increased from Rs.90000 to Rs.200000 for the general category. I am happy for the total fee waiver for the differently abled and students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and weaker sections. But its such a big disappointment for me. On one hand, reservations in admissions, pushes me below other low ranking SC/ST/OBCs and on top of it, I have to pay higher fees.


All my plans are now completely disrupted. Now me and my parents are more worried on accumulating the fees than focussing on my studies.


I am sure, I am not the only one, who would be feeling the same. You can consider, that I am representing all the students, who are aspirants of this dream.


Please consider this as an appeal, a plead, an humble request, that you reconsider this change of the fees.

Please forward to all, if you agree….

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