बिहार में बजरंग दल के गुंडों ने एक क्रिस्चियन महिला के कपडे उतारकर बीच बाजार में सरेआम पिटाई की इसको इतना सेर करो के वर्ल्ड ह्यूमन राइट्स और वुमन राइट्स कमीशन तक पहुंच जाये क्यूंकि इंडियन गवर्नमेंट सब कुछ जानते हुए भी लघुमति समुदायों के बचाव में कुछ नहीं करती

Translation: In Bihar, Bajrang Dal goons tore of a Christian woman’s clothes and beat her up in the middle of a bazaar. Share this so much that it reaches the world human rights and women’s rights commission because the Indian government, despite knowing everything, is doing nothing to save the minority communities.

The above message has been circulated along with a horrific video of a woman who is paraded naked on the street and thrashed by several men. Alt News is not posting the video here due to its graphic nature. The video has been circulating primarily on WhatsApp.

The video has also been uploaded and posted on Twitter.


Using specific keywords, Alt News found several articles, and on the basis of accompanying visuals, found that this incident indeed took place in Bihar in 2018. However, there are no reports to suggest that Bajrang Dal members were behind this incident.

The incident took place in Bihiya town of Bhojpur district. According to reports, the woman was suspected to be involved in the death of a youth whose body was found near the railway station. This resulted in protests, and the woman, who lived in a red-light area nearby, was dragged out and assaulted on the street.

Moreover, it may be noted that a RJD leader, Kaushal Kishore Yadav was among 16 people arrested for the violence at Bihiya. It may be reiterated that there is no evidence to suggest that the assault was the handiwork of Bajrang Dal members.

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