A video is being shared on social media with the claim that Congress candidate Phool Singh Baraiya was beaten for making objectionable statements against Hindus.


*हिन्दुओ पर अभद्र टिप्पणी करने वाले कांग्रेस प्रत्याशी फूल सिंह बरैया की लोगो ने की जमकर पिटाई*
*वीडीओ हुवा वाइरल*

Posted by पंडित योगेश on Monday, 21 December 2020

Viral since October

The same clip was widespread ahead of Madhya Pradesh by-polls, Twitter user Uma Shankar Rajput tweeted the video on October 6 drawing over 40,000 views and 1,500 retweets.

“Please say if there have been any shortcomings in the welcoming of Congress candidate Phool Singh Baraiya who spoke about keeping savarna (upper-caste) women at home,” Rajput mockingly wrote. The post is in reference to a 2016 video where Baraiya said that scheduled caste groups should wake up before savarnas transform India into a Hindu nation. He also said that savarnas who ask Muslims to leave the country should leave first because they came to India after Muslims. The statement was not taken well by upper-caste communities. Speaking with media outlet Nai Dunia, Baraiya said that the video was “fake” and part of the BJP’s propaganda.

The mob attack clip has also been shared on Facebook. Below is a post by the page ‘RAJPUT’.


जरा ये वीडियो देख के बताओ – सवर्णो की औरतों को अपने घर रखने की बात कहने वाले कांग्रेस उम्मीदवार फूल बरैया के स्वागत में कोई कमी तो नही रही न्
🚩करणी सेना जिन्दाबाद 🗡

Posted by RAJPUT on Tuesday, 6 October 2020


This video was debunked by Alt News in July 2020 when it was doing the rounds as an attack on a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader in Bihar. It was then debunked in October 2020 when it was shared as Health Minister Harsh Vardhan thrashed by an angry mob. But the visuals show an attack on BJP MP Babul Supriyo’s convoy in October 2016 in West Bengal. ABP News had stated in a video report dated October 19, 2016, that Supriyo’s convoy had been attacked by Trinamool Congress (TMC) supporters in Asansol.

In a piece dated October 20, 2016, Patrika reported that BJP supporters in the state had beaten several butchers, accusing them of cow smuggling. They planned to protest in front of TMC leader Moloy Ghatak’s house. However, Supriyo’s convoy was attacked before they could put this in motion. District BJP leader Subrata Mishra was also injured during the ruckus. After the incident, Supriyo took to Twitter accusing TMC leader Ghatak of orchestrating the whole affair.

ANI had reported on the incident where the man attacked is visible.

A four-year-old video was revived, now with the false claim that MP Congress candidate Phool Singh Baraiya was thrashed by a crowd.

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