On November 4, the Signature bridge was inaugurated by the Delhi government amid ruckus. The 675 metre long bridge, constructed across the Yamuna river connecting Wazirabad to the inner city, has been touted as a stellar achievement of the Delhi government. The Aam Aadmi Party on November 3 had posted pictures of the bridge, purportedly shot at night, on its official Twitter account.

It did not take long for political opponents and social media users to point out that out of the three photographs posted by the party, the first one was NOT of the Signature bridge to be inaugurated in the national capital. It may be noted here that the other two photos are not in dispute.

Not Signature bridge, Delhi

The photograph which has been disputed was posted by Ankit Lal, the social media coordinator of the Aam Aadmi Party.


Tajinder Pal Bagga, Delhi BJP spokesperson was quick to latch on to this faux pas, pointing out that the photograph represented the Erasmus bridge in the Netherlands.

Bagga also tweeted a link to a YouTube video, titled ‘Illumination of the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam’. The video is posted below. The frame at 0:26 minutes nearly matches the photograph of the bridge posted by Aam Aadmi Party.

Alt News independently verified that the bridge in question is indeed the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Named after Desiderius Erasmus, the 16th century Christian scholar and humanist, the bridge is 139 metres tall and over 800 metres long. Like the newly inaugurated Signature bridge in Delhi, it is a long-cable suspension bridge.

All political parties without exception portray infrastructural accomplishments as hallmarks of development and in the process, they sometimes go overboard. Recently, Chhattisgarh BJP had passed off pictures of roads in Gujarat and abroad to showcase improved highways in its tenure. Despite the similarity in the structure of the two bridges, AAP’s gaffe did not go unnoticed.


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