After the death of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Bipin Rawat, and his wife in a helicopter crash near Coonoor, a viral claim began circulating on social media. It alleged that journalist Ravish Kumar questioned his wife’s presence in the chopper. The claim was widespread on Twitter, shared by @janardanspeaks, @AshishK_BJP, @humlogindia, @Ashishsinghtth, @VishnuMTiwari1, @JoshiAruj, @janardanmis.

The claim has also been shared on Facebook.

इस क्रूर हादसे के बाद भी रवीश कुमार सवाल कर रहा है कि जनरल बिपिन रावत की पत्नी हेलीकॉप्टर में किस हैसियत से बैठी थी

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False statement

Ravish Kumar did not make the statement attributed to him. Had he made such a controversial remark, it would have been reported in the media. Kumar had made a Facebook post on December 8 where he wrote that the death of General Bipin Rawat and his wife was tragic.

प्रमुख रक्षा अध्यक्ष जनरल बिपिन रावत के निधन की ख़बर झकझोरने वाली है। तीन तीन सेनाओं के प्रमुख का हेलिकाप्टर क्रैश कर…

Posted by Ravish Kumar on Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Furthermore, he confirmed to Alt News that he made no such statement. “I have not written this on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This organised attempt is also being carried out on Facebook. This is how they spread false news,” he said.

Kumar’s prime time on General Bipin Rawat’s demise can be watched below. He did not make the statement during the show as well.

In his December 10 primetime show, he spoke about the false statement widespread in his name.

False quotes have often been attributed to Ravish Kumar. Some of these, debunked by Alt News, can be read here.

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