A video that appears to be CCTV footage shows three men harassing a woman at a bus stop. The two-minute clip ends with another woman pepper spraying the men. Several social media users have shared this video and claimed that the harassers were ‘jihadis’. Twitter users @yogeshDharmSena, @RaakeshDhawan and @KANHAIYA_PRCK were among those who shared the video.

Facebook user Raj Hindu also posted this video.


ये जिहादी गुन्डे इन लड़कियो को छेड़ रहे थे
इन लड़कियो ने तीनों की ऑखें फोड़ दी
अब यह तीनों जिहादी जमीन पर लोट रहे है
हिन्दुओ अपनी लड़की को ऐसी शिक्षा दो जो उनकी तरफ ऑख उठाये वह उसकी ऑख निकाल ले
पर्स में सिर्फ जरुरत के सामान ही नहीं बल्की पेपर स्प्रे या तेजाब भी रखना चाहिए…..

Posted by Raj Hindu on Tuesday, 23 November 2021

It has been shared by a few other Facebook users.

Awareness video shared with false anti-Muslim spin

Using InVID, a video verification tool, Alt News performed a reverse image search on Google and found that Facebook page LOBO 619’s post gives key context about the video.

LOBO 619 posted the video on Novermber 11. As per the video’s description, “These short films are for educational purposes only!”

Thus, an awareness video was shared with a false claim targetting Muslims. Recently, Alt News has debunked other such awareness videos (1, 2) shared with an anti-Muslim spin.

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