A video of a person casting their vote on an electronic voting machine (EVM) is being circulated with the claim that votes cast for any party were getting registered in favour of the BJP.

People have also shared the video while questioning the Election Commission against the RJD’s allegations of counting foul play on eight seats in Bihar elections.

The same video was shared before the conclusion of assembly elections in the state. “In the first phase of voting itself, the games have started… voted for elephant (Bahujan Samaj Party) but it was directed to BJP watch this and RT,” read the viral message. Several Twitter and Facebook users have posted this video.

(Translated from पहले ही चरण की वोटिंग में खेल शुरू हो गया है… हाथी को वोट डालो तो भाजपा को जाता है आप सभी देख ले और RT करे)

An imposter account in the name of folk singer Neha Singh Rathore tweeted the video. (archived link)

Twitter user @dimpleydv_ also posted the video. It has been viewed close to 10,000 times. The handle describes itself as a parody account. (archived link)

Similarly, several Facebook users shared the clip.

Old video shared with Bihar election spin

Alt News watched the video on a loop and noticed that the person has their hand placed over both the BJP and BSP symbols thus it cannot be said with certainty that the EVM was faulty.

Next, we analysed the video using InVID. After rummaging various search results, we found that a Facebook user had shared the clip with Punbaji text in May 2019 during Lok Sabha elections.

The screenshots below are stills from the Facebook video uploaded in 2019. That the person has placed their fingers on both BJP and BSP symbols is evident. Moreover, the light corresponding to BJP’s symbol lights up hinting that she may have in reality pressed the button.


Last year, BSP leader Mayawati blamed ‘EVM tampering’ for her poll defeat in Uttar Pradesh even as manipulation of the machines was denied by a parliamentary panel comprising members of several parties including BSP.

A one-year-old unverified video has been revived during the ongoing Bihar assembly elections to suggest EVM manipulation directly registered votes for the BJP.

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