bjp supporters praising ravish

All the tweets in the above collage are supporters of BJP party and each one of them are followed by PM Modi on Twitter. Each one them before 2014 used to appreciate Ravish Kumar. Ravish Kumar was then critical of the UPA Government. They don’t like him anymore though. Because he’s now critical of the BJP Government. The dislike is to the point that there’s a constant propaganda against him. In April 2017, Alt News exposed a fake news where it was being claimed that Ravish Kumar’s sister has been suspended due to corruption case. This time it is the turn of BJP National IT cell head who has tried to malign Ravish by circulating a mischievously edited video clip.

In the above video, Ravish makes the following statement, “Jab tak yeh vyakti mafi nahin mangega aur mein apne party ke logo se kehta hoon ki yeh nationalist hindutva, nationalist nahin hai“. This video is a 11 second clip cut out from a 10 minute speech that Ravish Kumar gave at press club of India. Here it would seem that Ravish Kumar is speaking on behalf of a political party when he says, “mein apne party ke logo se kehta hoon“. Based on this, Amit Malviya asks, “पत्रकार की कौन सी पार्टी होती है? (Translation: Does journalist have a party?)“.

However, if one hears the complete speech, the statement that Ravish Kumar made was, “cheen aur burma se jab woh laute to pehla kaam yehi kare ki woh dadhichi ko unfollow kare aur woh bataye ki unse kahe ki hamse galti hui hai. Jab tak yeh vyakti mafi nahin mangega aur mein party ke logo se kehta hoon ki yeh nationalist hindutva, nationalist nahin hai, yeh hum sab ko ek nagrik ki taur par pradhan mantri se maang karni chahiye.” In the aforesaid statement, “woh” refers to PM Modi and Ravish Kumar is urging PM Modi to speak to his own party workers and tell them that people like Dadhichi are not true nationalists. Please watch the exposé in the video below for Ravish’s actual speech.

Had Amit Malviya bothered to hear the full speech, Ravish Kumar had equally criticized Karnataka’s Congress Government and Maharashtra’s BJP Government for failing to find the killers of Kalburgi, Pansare and Dabholkar. Alt News had also recently written about how Amit Malviya had falsely claimed that Rahul Gandhi had visited Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s Dera Sacha Sauda. That the BJP National IT Cell Head has to circulate misleading videos to target a journalist who is critical of the ruling establishment is shocking.