On April 12th, BJP MLA Raja Singh announced the release of his new song on Ram Navami dedicated to the Indian Army.

You can listen to Raja Singh’s song here:

The song started with the lyrics

Seedha rasta watan, Dil ki himat watan, Apna jazba watan, Maan ki suchi lagan, Seedha rasta watan..

While sung with great fervour, there was one small problem. The song had been copied word for word from a song written for Pakistani armed forces. It is a song released by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the media wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces, on March 23rd for Pakistan Day. Singh replaced ‘Pakistan’ with ‘Bharat’ and called it a song for the Indian army on the occasion of Ram Navmi.

Here is a comparison with the Pakistani version

Singh’s musical release was immediately recognised by Pakistanis who called out the plagiarism and posted the original version.

By the end of the day, even the official spokesperson of Pakistani Armed Forces joined in to mock the BJP MLA

Ironically, Singh was in news in the past for calling the old-city area in Hyderabad as Pakistan. The BJP MLA has so far failed to delete his tweet.