On the 126th anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar, in an event organised at the Ambedkar statue near Race Course Road in Baroda, Gujarat, BJP activists beat up a youth from Dalit community when he tried to garland the statue of Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar. When the youth tried to climb up to the statue, the BJP activists not only stopped him and beat him up but also tore his clothes away. The young man who was trying to garland the Ambedkar statue was identified as Mitesh Parmar. [Source: Divya Bhaskar]

The BJP workers insisted that the statue will be first garlanded by the Mayor of Baroda and the rest can garland the statue only thereafter. The Dalit youth was kicked repeatedly and was forced to get off the stage. The police detained the Dalit youth who was assaulted by BJP activists and took him to the local police station. Upon reaching the hospital, the Dalit youth fainted and was transferred to the hospital.

On one hand, a Dalit youth was assaulted by BJP workers and police detained the youth instead of arresting the BJP workers, on the other hand, PM Narendra Modi was tweeting about creating an inclusive India of Dr Ambedkar’s dream

narendra modi We are unwavering in our efforts towards creating a strong, prosperous & inclusive India of Dr. Ambedkar’s dreams. #JaiBhim

While the PM talks about an inclusive India, does the BJP cadre understand what ‘inclusive India’ is?