ग्रेटर नोएडा- दादरी कोतवाली क्षेत्र के ओमिक्रोन सेक्टर के पास 130 मीटर रोड पर दिनदहाड़े कार सवार बदमाश दूसरी कार में सवार को दिखा रहा है हथियार,आई10 कार सवार ने डर से भगाई कार,लाइव वीडियो (Greater Noida- On 130 metre road near Omnicron sector in Dadri jurisdiction, in broad daylight, a ruffian in a car brandishing a weapon against a person in another car; the i10 car sped away out of fear, live video- translation).

The above message accompanies a video which has been shared on social media. The video is 24 seconds long, and shows two cars running parallel to each other. From the car on the left, a man can be seen extending his torso out of the window and brandishing what appears to be a gun, pointed at the driver of the second car.

The video has also been shared with a message in English, which states that it shows “brazen display of illegal weapon by criminals”.


The claim circulating on social media platforms is false. The video in question represents neither a robbery nor an illegal display of weapons. Noida police and UP police were tagged along with the video on Twitter. Noida police clarified by responding that the incident represents a video shoot which was conducted by some persons for their YouTube channel, and that persons in the two vehicles were friends and were simply indulging in stunts. Police added that legal action is being taken against them for their “act of creating nuisance in public”.

It may be reiterated that the video in question was created for a YouTube channel.


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