Since December 9, several people have uploaded a CCTV footage of a man committing suicide by jumping from a building as “Dubai Burj Khalifa live suicide ….” on Twitter and YouTube.

A 45-second clip posted by a Twitter user, @stay_awayyy_ has been retweeted over 80 times.

Alt News received multiple requests to fact-check this claim on its app.

Where is the video from?

Alt News used a screenshot from the video and did a reverse image search on Google. We found a report from December 1 on a website Teller Report which wrote on the incident and quoted an Al Jazeera article from November 30, 2019, as its source. According to the Al Jazeera report, a student committed suicide by jumping from Cairo Tower, Egypt. The report identified the individual as an engineering student at Helwan University and said, “According to preliminary investigations conducted by the Egyptian authorities, the student was found to be in a bad psychological condition and informed his friend a few days ago of his intention to commit suicide.”

On December 4, Al Jazeera reported that Egyptian Public Prosecutor, Hamada El-Sawy, announced that investigations will take place to identify who published the records of surveillance machines in Cairo Tower, related to the suicide case.

Searching the keywords “Egypt Ciaro Tower Suicide” on YouTube, Alt News also found a video by BBC with the title ” فيديو انتحار طالب مصري من أعلى برج القاهرة يثير ضجة (Google translate: A video of an Egyptian student committing suicide from the top of the Cairo Tower is making a fuss).” Since this incident was reported, several people have tweeted using the hashtag الانتحار_منتشر_بسبب (Suicidal_ due to) to express concern.

The claim that the video depicts a suicide from Burj Khalifa, Dubai is false. The video is from Cairo, Egypt.

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