Congress leader Randeep Surjewala has posted a video clip on his Twitter timeline, targeting BJP leader Kalraj Mishra. The clip is 22 seconds long, in which Mishra can be heard speaking. The message shared along with the clip by Surjewala reads,

“भाजपा की हिंसक मानसिकता का ताज़ा नमूना- कलराज मिश्र जी ने फरीदाबाद सांसद के विरोध में नारे लगाने वालों को धमकी भरे लहजे में कहा- “अगर यह उनका प्रदेश होता तो इस तरह गड़बड़ करने वालों को वह स्टेज से उतरकर गोली मार देते” क्या ये है भाजपा का संदेश- सवाल पूछो तो गोली खाओ! सुनिये-” (Fresh example of violent mindset of BJP- Kalraj Mishra threateningly told those who raised slogans against the Faridabad MP- “If this were his turf, he would have got off the stage and shot those creating nuisance”. Is this the BJP’s message- Take a bullet for a question! Listen- translation).

Surjewala asserted that Kalraj Mishra’s words exposed the “violent mindset” of the BJP, by threatening those raising slogans against the Faridabad MP.

False claim by Surjewala

The entire video of the gathering and Kalraj Mishra’s speech has been posted by Mishra himself on his Facebook page. Listening to his speech makes it evident that he did not refer to shooting anyone. The video was streamed live on March 24.


Posted by Kalraj Mishra on Sunday, March 24, 2019

The relevant part of the speech starts from the beginning of the speech till 01:13 minutes. Mishra in his speech had said, “If someone wants to create a nuisance here, i request them to get up and leave and create a ruckus elsewhere, not here. It is a lie to say that you are Modi’s man and then act like a rogue at this gathering. Today, an environment in favour of Modi is being created in this country and you are ruining it. Are you not ashamed? You are nationalists. Think about the nation.”

He then goes on to say, “Fighting elections is not the only parameter. I have felt bad. (Even) If this were my region/turf, i would have got off the stage and said the same thing.”

This concluding part of the clip which was shared by Randeep Surjewala was misinterpreted, deliberately or otherwise, as a threat to shoot. From the video, it is evident that Mishra had said, “agar hamara pradesh hota, toh main niche utarke wahi baat karta” (If this were my region/turf, i would have got off the stage and said the same thing). Instead, Surjewala claimed Mishra had said, “agar ye unka pradesh hota to iss tarah gadbad karne walo ko wo stage se utarkar goli mar dete” (If this were his turf, he would have got off the stage and shot those creating nuisance).

This was clarified by Mishra himself via a tweet in which he hit back at Surjewala, calling it a petty act.

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