Congress leader Shashi Tharoor had shared a photograph of a woman holding a drip given to a child held by another woman. Tharoor shared the image taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had said that the coronavirus outbreak should be used an opportunity to create an “atmanirbhar Bharat” meaning, self-sustaining India.

The same image was earlier shared by poet and former Congress election candidate Imran Pratapghari.

Image from 2017

This picture is from 2017. It was shot by Amitesh Sinha, who is associated with media outlet The Lallantop. Sinha told Alt News that he took the photograph in 2017 when he was leaving for covering Uttar Pradesh elections. He saw the incident upon crossing Mirzapur and 2-3 shots sitting in his car. He had not published this and in 2019, he uploaded on his Instagram profile.


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Sinha also shared the original image file with us. Its metadata revealed that the image was shot on March 1, 2017. This article explains metadata in details.

The metadata or EXIF data of the photograph says that the artist’s name is ‘Mayank Khurana’. Sinha informed that the camera he used to click the picture was provided by his company and Khurana must have been the previous user. His data was synched to the camera which Sinha had not altered.

The image shared by Tharoor and Pratapghari is cropped in the same manner as Sinha had uploaded it on Instagram. The original picture he shared with us is attached below.

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