A video of an overflowing reservoir has been shared on social media with the claim that it represents the Pawna dam in Pune.

The same video was shared in August 2019 when Pune witnessed heavy rainfall. “Opened floodgates of one of the four reservoirs in Pune, India,” reads the message along with the 14-second video clip.

Alt News found one more tweet with a similar claim saying – “Paunadharam dam near to Pune.”

We ad received several requests to fact-check this claim on our Android Alt News App.


Alt News used InVid to break down the video into multiple frames. Upon reverse searching one of the frames, we found the same video posted in April 2019. According to this post, the video is of a dam on the Yellow River in China.

Yellow River – druga najdłuższa rzeka w Chinach

Yellow River – druga najdłuższa rzeka w Chinach 🇨🇳 😮😮😮
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Upon further searching with the keywords ‘Yellow River dam’, we came across the same video on YouTube published in November 2018 with the description, “The huge and amazing Water flow of Yellow river discharged from Xiaolangdi Dam in China”. Xiaolangdi Dam is in Jiyuan, in the Henan province of China.

We also found a tweet by the Chinese news agency Xinhua, which had posted a video of the dam in July 2018.

Alt News juxtaposed a frame from the viral video with a video of the Xiaolangdi Dam to ascertain that the two are indeed the same. The juxtaposed image is posted below. Moreover, the colour of the water seen in both the videos is brown. This is due to siltation.

In conclusion, the video in question represents not the Pawna Dam in Pune but the Xiaolangdi Dam on the yellow river in the Henan province of China.

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