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Disha Student Union Posters
Disha Student Organisation from Delhi has alleged that Republic TV while covering the issue of pro-ISIS slogans in Delhi University has aired footage containing Disha’s posters, thus defaming their organisation when they had nothing to do with the ISIS slogans. In a letter addressed to Editor-in-Chief, Republic TV, they state that their posters do not support ISIS or any other terrorist organisation nor do they advertise any such thought. They further state, “The posters are simply in keeping and carrying forward of the legacy and ideology of Bhagat Singh. The posters simply mention right to education for all and that we shall fight for our right to education“. The complete letter can be read here [PDF].A video of Republic TV’s broadcast can be seen below.

Pro-ISIS and pro-Maoist slogans have been spotted on the walls…

Pro-ISIS and pro-Maoist slogans have been spotted on the walls at Delhi University

Posted by Republic on Sunday, May 28, 2017

Simran Kaur, convenor of Disha Student Organisation, raised this issue on her Facebook profile and her post can be seen here. She also wrote to Alt News regarding the same and the full text of her email is reproduced below.

The messiah of irresponsible journalism, hate-mongering and saffron propaganda- Republic TV

Arnab Goswami, the self proclaimed justice machine and saviour of “ethical” jounalism of our country with his new venture Republic TV is leaving no stone unturned to spread lies and hatred. In the latest foot-in-mouth by the veteran screamer and self-righteous Mr. Goswami’s channel is the usage of the visuals of pro-students democratic posters as background for running it’s news story against the emergence of pro-ISIS and pro-maoist posters in University of Delhi.

The posters in question used as visuals by Republic TV are from Disha Student Organization. Simran, a student activist with Disha Student Organization said “We had posted the posters to welcome the new comers into Delhi University, who are coming to attend the open days organized by Delhi University. The subject matter of the poster in no way encourages, endorses or advertises any terrorist organization or ideology. The posters are in keeping with the legacy of Bhagat Singh. However exhibiting total callousness Republic TV has used the visuals of our posters to run their story”. She further added that their organization has issued an official statement seeking apology from Republic TV, in case the channel does not run an apology they will go ahead to file a demafation suit against Republic TV.

On 28th May 2017, Sunday Republic TV ran a story about pro-ISIS and pro-maoist slogans and wall writing appearing in Delhi University. While running the story Republic TV has very irresponsibly used the visuals of posters by Disha Students organization in the backdrop. As the anchor goes on stating the event close-ups of pro-students posters bearing Bhagat Singh’s picture are pasted onto the screen as pro-ISIS and pro-maoist!! The slogans can be read in the picture given below. The posters mention the slogans such as:

1. शिक्षा है सबका अधिकार, बन्द करो इसका व्यापार! (Everyone has the right to Education, Stop it’s commercialization)

2. भगत सिंह के सपनों को साकार करो! ( Come forward to realize Bhagat Singh’s dreams)

3. Dare to fight, dare to win!

4. Flee not, Change the world.

5. लड़ो पढ़ाई करने को, पढ़ो समाज बदलने को। (Fight for education, educate to galvanize change in society)

Any sane minded person can decide for themselves what these posters endorse.

Delhi University has been a boiling pot of saffron agenda where in January the incident at Ramjas College further sharpened the tensions between pro-students organization and the saffron brigade. The university is being turned into a ghetto where there is no space for any democratic discourse or dissent. Even putting up pro-students democratic posters is being termed as a pro-ISIS act. It appears as if the story has been colored to further the divisive politics of BJP and other parties doing politics on fascist communal lines. The manner in which this story has been run devoid of any facts devoid of any evidence just stating the side of the saffron brigade makes it’s credentials even more questionable. Ever since the Occupy UGC movement and the FTII movement the authorities have further shrunk the space for any democratic activity. Even organizing a study circle calls upon interrogation not just from the authorities but also from Police. The very essence of university and learning is being injected with the poison of saffronization and communal politics.

Republic TV has very proudly urges it’s viewers to join the revolution however due to their habit of selective filtering and omission of facts they have slyly refrained from fixing the prefix ‘saffron’. These kinds of acts of irresponsible journalism are not new for Mr Goswami, his past is filled with such acts of unethical journalism be it the case of FTII students movement or the event of 9th February in JNU. Now the saffron brigade has its eyes on DU and hence non-issues are being coloured saffron and being packaged in his trade mark jingoistic nationalistic rhetoric to feed the fire of hatred.

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