“Dear commuters, there is a fake post circulating in the social media claiming that Metro Railway supports the passengers who allegedly thrashed the couple. The fact is that Metro Railway, Kolkata, strongly condemns the unfortunate incident and is against moral policing.” Metro railway, Kolkata took to Facebook to clarify its position regarding a post justifying bearing up of a young couple for hugging in public. The shocking post justifying the attack is now deleted and Kolkata Metro is claiming that it is a fake post.

What is the truth?

Kolkata Metro initially posted that they are enquiring into the incident even though no complaint has been lodged by anyone. They also stated that they are against moral policing. However in reply to this post, was a comment by Kolkata Metro saying that nothing wrong was done by the passengers in beating up the couple and that the young generation is asking for it.

We have seen several instances of photoshopped screenshots being circulated but in this case Alt News doesn’t believe that the screenshot is photoshopped. This is because several Facebook users had taken screenshots of this comment, evidently taken from different phones. The comment was posted by the official page of Kolkata metro and subsequently deleted.

A likely explanation is that the person handling the Kolkata Metro Page posted the comment that he was intending to post from his personal profile and deleted it on realising his mistake.

There have been several instances where the operator of the account forgets to switch profiles and accidentally posts a personal message from the official profile. This was recently seen in the case of ICC posting a non cricket related political tweet. There have been several instances in the past as well. When such a blooper occurs, it is best to apologize for it and initiate an enquiry into how it happened. Kolkata Metro should have done the same.