A video depicting elaborate choreography by hundreds of artists has been shared on social media with the narrative that these are Chinese artists performing to the song ‘Jai Ho’ from the motion picture ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

The video, showcasing intricate pattern formation through near-perfect synchronization, has been shared on Facebook as well.

Jai Ho !!

The Chinese Commanding Choreography & their Citizen’s Obedience in addition to their elegance, artistry & grace

Posted by Narayanmoorthy Sundaresan on Monday, October 21, 2019

However, some social media users expressed doubt over the claim that the artists are performing to ‘Jai Ho’, suspecting the video to have been manipulated.


In the original video, the artists are not performing to the song ‘Jai Ho’. Taking a frame from the video and reverse-searching in on Yandex yielded several results pertaining to the video.

Alt News found that the video represents a martial arts performance by Chinese artists at the Spring Festival Gala, also known as CCTV New Year’s gala, a special programme produced by China Central Television (CCTV), the primary state television network in China. The Spring Festival Gala is held every year, with millions of viewers from across the globe tuning in. The video shared on social media depicts a performance of the 2019 festival, held in February. As can be seen in the video posted below, the artists are performing to a Chinese song.

The tweet posted below contains the portion of the video which has been shared by social media users.

It may thus be noted that the artists in the video are NOT performing to ‘Jai Ho’. The original video, taken at the Spring Gala Festival in China in February 2019, has been tampered with.

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