A video of a man in tears, venting out his frustration at the state of affairs in the country due to COVID-19, is circulating on WhatsApp. It has been claimed that the man is Aaj Tak anchor Rohit Sardana who recently passed away due to COVID.

“I have never seen the country transform into a pile of dead bodies until today. We have never been this helpless. As a country, as people, as a democracy, we’ve proved to be useless, corrupt and barbaric. Each person has fallen in their own eyes. We are hoping for help from an unseen power. It seems there is no government, no prime minister, no facilities, no bureaucracy, and everyone has been left on their own…This country has turned into hell and we have been left helpless as if we don’t matter…I may or may not survive this, but the ones who do should think that the world becomes a better place. They will think that we should rise above mandir-masjid for our future generations. They should think that this country does not need temples and towers, they should think that this country needs good hospitals, schools, medical colleges, doctors, paramedic staff, medicines, beds and ventilators. Why can’t we give all the money in temples to hospitals? Why can’t we convert all mosques into hospitals? Why can’t we ensure that no temples will be built in this country until a 100-bed hospital is also built simultaneously?” says the man.


The celebrated aaj tak anchor
Rohit Sardana

RIP braveheart
At you least you exposed the truth


Posted by DrInees Chiriyankandath on Saturday, 1 May 2021

Several individual users on Facebook have shared the video claiming this was Rohit Sardana’s last words.


Rohit Sardana Anchor Of Aaj Tak,
Last interview before he left this world. what India should do.
He is giving his latest opinion.plz watch

Posted by Dhanwant Hargudwala on Friday, 30 April 2021

Not Rohit Sardana

The video carries the logo of the YouTube channel Do Bol. A rummage through the channel took us to the video uploaded on April 26. The man in the video is journalist Navin Kumar.


He has also been tagged on the video. Journalists Ranvijay Singh and Abhisar Sharma had also shared his video.

Kumar had contracted the coronavirus and was admitted to Delhi’s LNJP.

A facial comparison of Navin Kumar and Rohit Sardana also shows that it’s not Sardana in the video.

An emotional monologue by Navin Kumar at the state of the country due to the raging pandemic and the government’s failure to safeguard citizens has been falsely shared as the last words of Aaj Tak anchor Rohit Sardana.

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