A two-minute audio clip where a woman narrates that the Central government is giving Rs 1.5 lakh per coronavirus positive patient to urban local bodies is viral on WhatsApp. As a result, the woman suggests, urban local bodies, private doctors and laboratory testing centres are trying to report as many positive cases as possible. She advises against COVID-19 tests, claiming that people have recovered through home quarantine, consuming khada and malaria medicine.

The viral audio is circulating with a screenshot of the Wikipedia profile of Geeta Jain, an independent member of Maharashtra legislative assembly from Thane, Mumbai. As per social media claims, Jain is the narrator.

Alt News has received several requests to fact-check this on WhatsApp (+917600011160) and on our official Android application.


Alt News visited Jain’s Facebook profile where she has posted a video debunking the WhatsApp audio on July 11. She stated that the audio went viral on July 10 and clarified that it was not shared by her.

Mumbai Mirror also reported on the fake audio on July 13.

Thus the WhatsApp audio was not recorded Mumbai-based MLA Geeta Jain. Alt News has reported on multiple such fake audio clips in the past circulating in the name of prominent individuals to give the false message credibility.

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