Several social media users have posted images that show stacks Rs 2,000 currency notes seized by the police. The accompanying claim suggests that the cash was recovered from the car of Ketan Dave, an RSS worker.

On January 14, Twitter-user @HabibHasan_ posted the viral images and tweeted in Hindi, “Consignment of fake notes found in the car of honest RSS supporter Ketan Dave in Gujarat… RBI should be closed and the task of printing currency notes should be given to him.” This tweet has been retweeted over 400 times.

[Translated from: गुजरात से नकली नोटों का भंडार पकड़ा गया और ईमानदार संघ समर्थक श्री केतन दवे की कार से मिला ये नकली नोटों का जखीरा… RBI को बन्द करके Currency छापने और संचालन का काम भी इनको ही दे देना चाहिये ]”

An India TV broadcast which reports Rs 4.5 crores worth fake Rs 2000 notes seized in Gujarat was shared by Facebook page ‘बीआरसीएस ईनटरनेशनल (BRCS International)’ with the same message. It is noteworthy that the channel also reported that the cash was recovered from Ketan Dave’s car however did not mention his alleged association with RSS, as claimed on social media. The video drew over 1.3 lakh views.

गुजरात से
देशभक्ति और ईमानदारी से भरपूर संघ समर्थक श्री केतन दवे की कार से मिला ये नकली नोटों का भण्डार…

Posted by बीआरसीएस ईनटरनेशनल on Monday, 13 January 2020

Similarly, several users on Facebook and Twitter shared the viral claim.

It is noteworthy that the photographs are circulating in the backdrop of the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data which said that Rs 2,000 banknotes comprised 56% of all counterfeit currency seized in India after demonetisation, i.e. in 2017 and 2018.


Viral images

Alt News performed a Google reverse image search of one the viral images and found a November 2, 2019 report by Telangana Today. As per the report, Telangana police arrested four members of a family and some others while seizing 350 bundles of fake Rs 2000 currency notes from Khammam. Shaik Madar was identified as the main accused.

In the report, Commissioner of Police (CP) Tafseer Iqubal said that the racket was being operated with Sathupalli town as its centre.

The incident was also reported by Financial Express and ANI.

The viral claim that the incident took place in Gujarat is false. As per reports, the cash was seized in Khammam, Telangana in November 2019.

India TV broadcast

Alt News performed a keyword search on Google and found that the viral clip was picked up from a three-minute broadcast uploaded by India TV in March 2017.

The broadcast talked about counterfeit currency seized in Rajkot, Gujarat from a Rajot-based financer Ketan Dave. A report by Financial Express also identified Dave as a Rajkot-based financier. We were unable to find any reports which suggest that he is associated with or supports the RSS.

A video of the incident was also tweeted in November 2019 by journalist Aneri Shah.

A clipped version of India TV’s broadcast was shared with a false message on social media.

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