A widely circulating graphic plate reads, “Sambit Patra’s daughter eloped with a Muslim man. (संबित पात्रा की बेटी मुस्लिम युवक संग फरार).” A ticker at the bottom also says, “Sambit’s daughter indulged in Jihad. (संबित की बेटी ने रचाया जिहाद).”

Gobar patra ki beti love jihad ki aaropi

Posted by Sabir Ali on Thursday, 26 November 2020

The alleged graphic plate is quite viral on Facebook.

Fake graphic plate

A cursory look itself reveals that the viral graphic plate has been manufactured. For starters, the ABP News logo is in the middle of the screen on the right whereas it should have been on the top right corner.

In the past as well, several morphed graphic plates have circulated as part of genuine ABP News broadcast. They’ve been created using a meme generator website breakyourownnews.com. A few adjustments have been made on the website template — its watermark on the top right corner has been replaced with a line of stars, Hindi tickers carrying the false news have been added at the bottom and ABP News logo has been superimposed on the middle-right.

Below is a genuine graphic plate from an ABP News broadcast.

Furthermore, no media reports say that Sambit Patra’s daughter eloped with a Muslim man. A morphed ABP News graphic plate was shared to promote the misinformation.

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