A photograph of a rioting mob has been shared amid West Bengal elections with the claim that it depicts violence against Hindus in Hooghly. #StandWithBengalHindus is the hashtag used along with the claim.

Multiple Twitter accounts have shared the image.

Old image from Bangladesh

A simple reverse image search takes one to a May 5, 2013 article published in Daily Mail where the same image has been used. “Protesters armed with sticks flee from police tear gas: The Islamic hardliners are demanding the death penalty for blasphemy,” reads its description. The image has been credited to photographer Ibrahim of former photo agency Demotix.

The article reported, “37 people were killed and hundreds more injured in Bangladesh today in fierce street fighting between police and Islamic hardliners demanding the death penalty for blasphemy.”

Al Jazeera reported that the protests were led by supporters of Hefazat-e-Islam, an Islamist group, against what they said were blasphemous writings by atheist bloggers. The protestors shouted, “God is great – hang the atheist bloggers”. The riots took place in the capital Dhaka.

Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina rejected demands by Islamists for a new anti-blasphemy law granting the death penalty and said that existing laws were sufficient to punish those who attempted to insult religion.

An eight-year-old image of riots in Bangladesh where protestors demanded the death penalty for blasphemy has been shared as violence against Hindus in Hooghly, West Bengal.

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