“Did Indiatoday showcase the Exit Poll Numbers by mistake ?? If so, future looks bleak for BJP.” tweeted a user with a screenshot of a India Today broadcast. It was suggested that the channel may have mistakenly displayed the data of their exit polls, which has supposedly predicted 177 seats for the National Democratic Alliance led by the BJP.

A video of the broadcast was also shared by netizens to back their claims that India Today had reported the exit poll with such figures.

AAP Punjab social media member Akashnoor Gadri also tweeted the screenshot with a message, “This is the real reason that Modi-Shah duo have been running such a divisive campaign. According to @IndiaToday NDA is winning only 177 seats!”.

India Today clarifies

India Today has put out a clarification, stating that the data shown in the video was dummy, and only a promo of the exit poll. This was reiterated by India Today anchor Rahul Kanwal in a separate tweet.

In the data shown on the screen, NDA is predicted to get 177 seats in 2019, with a negative balance of -177 as compared to 2014. That would suggest that NDA got 354 (177+177) seats in 2014. However, NDA’s actual figure in 2014 was 336. Similarly, the number corresponding to UPA don’t tally either. This shows that the data displayed on screen cannot be real data.

India Today’s promo clip with dummy data was shared by social media with claims suggesting that they had erroneously leaked the exit poll data.

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