A CCTV footage of police brutality inside Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) campus has continued to top social media discourse since it was made public on February 16. In the latest attempt to dilute the violence against students, BJP volunteer Vikas Pandey has juxtaposed (archive) two images. While one of them shows a student present in the M. Phil/ Post Graduation reading room at the time of police lathi-charge and the other shows a muffled man in a video where arsonists set a motorcycle on fire. Both incidents had taken place on the same day – December 15, 2019. Pandey alleged that they are the same person on the basis of the clothes are wearing.

Pandey runs a propaganda page on Facebook ‘I Support Narendra Modi’ which has over 16 million followers.

Not the same person

In the course of this fact-check, we will show the dissimilarities in their clothing.

1. Different jacket/ sweatshirt

While the student in the reading room is wearing a jacket with a zipper, the man in the arson video is wearing a closed sweatshirt. The student’s jacket hasn’t been zipped and one can clearly spot a white t-shirt underneath.

2. Hoodie

The muffled man’s sweatshirt has a hoodie which was not the case with the student.

3. Colour of the shoes

The student is sporting black coloured footwear, whereas the muffled man is wearing white shoes.

The video below has been slowed down and played on loop for viewers to spot that the student was wearing sandals/ floaters with straps. For merely a second, the unfastened strap is visible when he walks.

The claim that both the men are the same was thus, found to be baseless. Alt News had earlier debunked another claim where a student in the reading room was portrayed as the man torching the bike. Another student, who was falsely portrayed as carrying stones, was claimed to the one who was shot in the January 30 Jamia shooting.

Readers can also watch the video below where we compare the clothes worn by the two individuals.


About the Author

Pooja Chaudhuri is a senior editor at Alt News.