Shocked to learn from @neelakantha that @spvaid –the DG of J&K actually suspended the SP who killed Burhan wani in an encounter–all because @MehboobaMufti was upset at killing of Burhan. A DG playing doormat to jehadi politicians– Is this what IPS training is all about?”. Madhu Kishwar is back with a controversial tweet. This time it is fake news about the suspension of a SP by Shesh Paul Vaid, Director General of Police of Jammu and Kashmir. Kishwar who has made a name for herself by circulating unverified information on Twitter, attributed the source of this misinformation to Sushil Pandit who goes by the twitter handle @neelakantha. In her familiar spiteful style, she not only called Chief Minster Mahbooba Mufti a jihadi politician but also launched a personal attack on DG Vaid, accusing him of playing doormat to her.

Jammu & Kashmir Police denied the suspension of the SP in a tweet saying they were more than shocked to read the concocted information shared by Madhu Kishwar.

Like Madhu Kishwar, Sushil Pandit has also been in the news recently for sharing unverified information. Last week Jammu and Kashmir Police registered a case against him for tweeting false information about a militant attack on the CRPF and killing of five personnel at Pampore.

Pandit who is the owner of Hive Communications and has worked with BJP on their communication strategy, is regularly featured on prime time debates on TV. He is also the author of the Sunday Guardian article on Kathua rape case that attracted a massive outrage. Based on a conspiracy theory about Kathua rape and murder, Sunday Guardian carried an entire article and claimed in a disclaimer that it was a pure concoction based on fiction.

In this case however, a review of Pandit’s timeline did not show any tweet on DGP Vaid ordering the arrest of the SP involved in Burhan Wani encounter. It is not clear if he actually shared this false information with Kishwar and if so how.

After being called out by the police for spreading misinformation, Kishwar went into a defensive mode engaging in whataboutery. She has not yet deleted her tweet or expressed regret about it.

With Madhu Kishwar quoting Sushil Pandit, it is not so shocking that her “shocking” piece of news has turned out to be a malicious rumor.