Sushmita Sinha, a journalism student, has published a post on her Facebook account in which she narrates how she received multiple threat calls from a person called Anish Jha post Uttar Pradesh Elections. She also attached a recording of the phone call in her Facebook post in which the person can be heard mouthing expletives.

Sushmita Sinha Facebook Post In the wake of BJP winning UP assembly elections, King Anish Jha (Anish Jha's personal number is 9504441148) is constantly abusing and threatening me for being a BJP critic. Despite of abusing me, he is also taking names of my Muslim friends, and giving threats to beat them up and send all the "mias" out of this country. He said he will come to Delhi between 1st to 6th of May and kill us. I have uploaded one of the recordings here.(please see the link below) Those phone numbers by which he called me and abused are: (8507590483, 7004116537) This has left me emotionally disturbed and as a last resort I am sharing this here, so this man can be taught a lesson. Share this post and his number to pin this creep. (only if you care). PS- I have not written what all that he said to me because if I do so, FB will remove my post.

When we spoke to Sushmita regarding this issue, she sent across two audio recordings and a bunch of screenshots to show how she was being harassed and threatened by this person who was repeatedly calling her from different numbers and abusing her. First she received SMSes from 9504441148 which according to her is the personal number of Anish Jha. When she blocked that number, he repeatedly called her from two other numbers 8507590483 and 7004116537.

She told us that she has known Anish Jha for over 3 years while she was in Patna and before she came to Delhi. He apparently used to work for Sony India while she knew him and now works in a shop. She stated that she appreciates certain initiatives of AAP and also likes to express her views on Facebook which are usually critical of BJP. She stated that Anish had an issue with her political views and would message her regarding the same. At some point of time, she had blocked him on Facebook. However, post UP elections, he first started messaging her via SMS and then called her repeatedly from the aforementioned numbers. In the calls, besides using the most abusive language, she stated that caller also threatened to kill her friends Shahbaz Mallick and Ayan Younus.

In the above calls, between many vile abuses, the caller threatens to come to Delhi on either 1st May or 6th May and threatens to kill a friend of hers namely Ayan Yunus. Here’s a screenshot of the SMSes she received from the 9504441148 number before she blocked the said number. The first SMS received is at 10:23 on 11th March which coincides with the results of UP Elections. By that time, BJP had moved ahead in the race and looked set to capture Uttar Pradesh.


Here are two more screenshots which show the multiple times she was called from the numbers 8507590483 and 7004116537.

Sushmita Sinha call log

She told us that she will file a police complaint if the situation demanded it.