Kamal’s party website http://Maiyam.com is registered in Cayman Island.” “Maiyam Cayman Island link, Cayman Island is a Tax Haven, How did Kamal who is fighting Corruption, get people in Tax Haven to register his domain.?” The aforementioned claims vis-a-vis the party website of Kamal Haasan’s newly floated party were made by Hari Prabhakaran. Prabhakaran according to his Twitter biography is AIADMK IT wing Joint Secretary and his tweets have been retweeted many hundred times.

The evidence that Prabhakaran offers regarding Kamal Haasan’s website being registered in Cayman Islands is the WHOIS data for Maiyam.com, Maiyam.com Pvt Ltd being a company in which Kamal Haasan is the director. WHOIS information can potentially reveal name, address, phone number etc of a domain’s owner. The operative word here being ‘potentially’. We’ll see in this post how Prabhakaran’s tweet displays ignorance about certain basics of domain registration. Here, it must also be mentioned that the Kamal Haasan’s official party website is maiam.com and not maiyam.com.

The WHOIS data of maiyam.com can be seen below with the alleged Cayman Islands link underlined in red.

As we stated earlier, WHOIS information can potentially reveal name, address, phone number etc of a domain’s owner. However, there are many services which also help domain owners hide their original identity. In this specific case, the circled text in the above screenshot “PRIVACYDOTLINK CUSTOMER 2802196” is an indicator that Maiyam.com is using one such service. A simple google search for PrivacyDotLink leads us to the website of the company which offers this product – uniregistry.help.

Privacy Dot LInk

Uniregistry describes Privacy.Link as a FREE WHOIS proxy service to registrants with Privacy.Link™ which masks your personal information in the public WHOIS record.

Privacy Link explanation

So, who does this Cayman Islands address on Seven Mile Beach actually belong to? It belongs to Uniregistrar Corp, the company that offers the Privacy.Link services.

Thus the allegation that Kamal Haasan’s party website is registered in Cayman Islands is completely baseless. This misinformation was relayed by several people on Twitter. One of the prominent individuals to popularize this was former AAP MLA Kapil Mishra.

Fake news site Postcard.news picked up this hoax and published an article titled, “Is Kamal Hassan working with Christian Missionaries of Cayman Islands, is this the main reason for his hatred towards Hindus?“.

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