After a fantastic Speech US President Mr Trump just asked a kid ‘Who do U like d Most…??’ Trump thought Kid will say ‘Trump…’ But see video clip what that innocent Kid replied…Trump was Shocked…😳😀 This clip is getting SuperHit on BBC News..” A video of an election rally in which Donald Trump is seen asking a child, “Who do you like the most?” and the child responding with “Modi” is currently viral on social media.

Vinod Taparia and Divya Saxena Rastogi whom PM Modi follows on Twitter shared the video. Prakash Balbudhe, who is Bhandara BJP VP according to his Twitter bio, also shared this video.

This video is currently viral on all forms of social media.

The video carries the BBC watermark on the top left as well as the watermark of an application called “” on the bottom right.

Video watermark

A simple google search for MadLipz shows that it is an application that “lets you dub your voice over a short video clip (up to 15 seconds)”.

The video that is currently viral where the little child responds with “Modi” when being asked “Who do you like the most” is actually a dubbed video. The actual incident is from a Trump election rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on 10th October 2016, and was covered by multiple media outlets. This Washington Times report states, “Toddler Trump stole the show at the Republican presidential candidate’s latest appearance in Pennsylvania. Donald Trump spotted 2-year-old Hunter Tirpak, dressed in a dark blue suit, power tie, and his hair poofed up to somewhat resemble Trumps famous comb-over at a rally Monday night before about 9,000 people at Mohegan Sun Arena near Wilkes-Barre.

The part which has been now dubbed over with Trump asking “Who do you like the most” and the child responding with “Modi“, was originally Trump asking him, “Do you want to go back with your mommy and daddy or do you want to stay with Donald Trump?” and the boy responding with, “Trump“.

Here’s the original video:

It is strange that it didn’t occur to all these people as to why would a 2-year old American child respond with “Modi” to the question and the crowd would applaud to it. With various smartphone applications which make editing and morphing of images and videos super-easy, a motivated person can keep dishing out such fake news all day. At the same time, there are virtually no applications that are accessible to the common man which can help in detection of such fakery. This hoax demonstrates yet again as to how easy it is to mislead people on social media.