A widespread social media claim suggests that the Unnao rape survivor has succumbed to the injuries she suffered on July 28 when her car collided with a truck.

The complete message says, उन्नाव रेप पीड़िता अब नही रही। कोई ऐसा सोच भी नही सकता था कि न्याय के लिए एक बेटी को परिवार सहित मरना पड़ेगा। ऑपरेशन ट्रक सफल हुआ,अब कोई नई कहानी गढ़ी जाएगी,महिला हितों के लिए लंबे चौड़े भाषण दिए जाएंगे!काश की कार्यवाही जल्दी हुई होती! विधायक जी,योगीजीसहितपूरीयूपी सरकार को बधाई। (Unnao rape victim is no more. No one would’ve imagined that a daughter would die along with her family to get justice. Operation Truck was successful. Now a new story will be told and long speeches on women empowerment will be given. If only the investigation was started earlier. Congratulations to the MLA, Yogi and the entire UP government.)

The claim is viral on Twitter and Facebook alike.

Several people have also shared a photograph of an injured woman claiming that she is the Unnao rape survivor. The image was published by Navjivan Times as well, allegedly showing the survivor’s injuries after the July 28 accident.

Unnao rape survivor is undergoing treatment: KGMU

Alt News contacted the trauma centre of the King’s George Medical University in Lucknow where the Unnao rape survivor was admitted. We were informed by the PRO that she is still alive, though her condition remains critical.

Moreover, several media outlets have reported that the rape survivor has not lost her life and is on ventilator support.

In a recent statement, the Lucknow DM said that her health is improving.

Boomlive spoke to Dr Sudhir, co-faculty in-charge of media cell at KGMU, who told the fact-checking organisation that the photograph of the injured woman viral on social media is not of the Unnao rape survivor. The same could not be ascertained by Alt News.

In conclusion, false claims floating on social media declared the Unnao rape survivor dead when, in fact, she is still battling for her life at KGMU Hospital in Lucknow.

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Pooja Chaudhuri is a senior editor at Alt News.