“झारखंड मोब लिंचिंग के शिकार तबरेज के जनाज़े में शामिल ये भीङ देख रहे हैं? अगर ये लोग मोब लिंचिंग के खिलाफ शांतिपूर्वक एहतेजाज करें तो सख्त कानुन बन ही सकता हैं।” (Do you see the crowd gathered at the funeral of Jharkhand mob lynching victim Tabrez Ansari. If they protest peacefully against mob lynching then a stringent law can be enacted- translation).

A video has been circulated on social media with the claim that it is of the funeral of Tabrez Ansari, the victim of the recent mob lynching incident in Jharkhand.

The above tweet by a user was retweeted over 450 times before it was deleted. The archived version may be accessed here. The message and video have also been posted by several individual Facebook users on their timelines.

Alt News found that this video has been uploaded on YouTube as well. A channel named GMN Media uploaded the video, which has been viewed over 16,000 times at the time of writing. It was also posted by the channels Hyderabadnews Urdu and ishaAtulislam kairana Sajid khan.



This video was uploaded in September 2018 as the funeral procession of one Tabrez Alam. The video was published was ETV Bharat (Bihar desk) and Jehanabad News on YouTube. The description regarding the video given by ETV is as follows: “Jehanabad: The body of Tabrez Alam, sharpshooter of former RJD MLA Shahabuddin reached his locality, where namaz was offered. Thousands of people gathered to be a part of the funeral procession of Tabrez.” (translated from Hindi).


Tabrez Alam was a sharpshooter from Bihar who was murdered in Patna over a land dispute. If one looks closely at the viral video and the video of the funeral of Tabrez Alam, numerous similarities come to light. The juxtaposed pictures posted below have shown these similarities, which confirms that both videos are of the same event.

The claim that this video is of the funeral procession of Tabrez Ansari, is false. It may be noted that Tabrez Alam was murdered in Bihar, whereas Tabrez Ansari was lynched by a mob in Jharkhand recently. It may be stated with certainty that the viral video is not of the funeral procession of Tabrez Ansari.



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