Several Facebook and Twitter users shared a 30-second video of a truck crashing into a helicopter’s blades on the street. Social media claims that this incident happened in Amritsar, Punjab. The viral text associated with the video reads, “As they say … Happens Only in India ! A Helicopter & Truck Accident in Amritsar”.

It was shared by Twitter user Col Tekpal Singh on July 23. It has been viewed over 4,000 times.

Twitter user @raj2jas also posted the viral video and with similar text.


Alt News performed a keyword search on YouTube and found that ‘RC Channel’ had uploaded the viral video on January 20. As per the description, a truck collided with a helicopter from the SSP-AC (Acre Public Security Secretariat) on January 18 in Rio Branco, Brazil.

Daily Mail published a report on the said incident on January 21. As per the report, “A police helicopter preparing to take off from a road in a Brazilian city was seriously damaged, and two of its occupants were injured, when a passing lorry came too close and collided with its blades.” Charles Matos, manager at the company that owned the lorry, told Daily Mail none of the three people in the vehicle faced any injuries.

This video was earlier debunked by Africa Check on February 6.

Therefore the social media claim that the viral video is from Amritsar is false. The clip was shot in Brazil.

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