A four-minute video which shows two naval ships has gone viral with the claim that it is a recent video from the coast of Gujarat. The video is recorded by a Hindi speaking officer from the deck of the Indian ship. The officer referred the second ship as PNS 182. In the video, we see PNS 182 brushing against the Indian ship. Several Facebook users have posted the viral video along with the text, “Close encounter today Pakistan Naval Ship (PNS182) with Indian Naval Ship (INS Talwar) off Gujarat Coast.

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Alt News performed a keyword search on YouTube and found a shorter version of the viral clip. It was published by YouTube channel Imran Aslam in 2014.

Amongst other results, we found reports by NDTV and Times Now from 2011. The naval ships involved in the video are the Indian Naval Ship (INS) Godavari and Pakistan Naval Ship (PNS) Babar. Thus, the Indian ship is incorrectly referred to as INS Talwar in the viral video,

Using this as a clue, Alt News performed keyword search on Google and found that The Ministry of External Affairs, India published a press release on June 18, 2011. It said, “India lodged a protest today with the Government of Pakistan through the High Commission of Pakistan, New Delhi against the violation by Pakistan Naval Ship (PNS) Babur of relevant regulations on navigational safety as contained in the ‘International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea’ and Article 10 of the ‘Agreement between India-Pakistan on Advance Notice on Military Exercises, Manoeuvres and Troops Movements 1991′ involving INS Godavari on high seas. PNS Babur by its risky manoeuvres jeopardised the safety of INS Godavari and its crew.”

NDTV’s report shows crew on Pakistani warship celebrating after the ship nudged INS Godavari.

In a Times Now report, Indian Naval Chief Admiral (2011) Nirmal Verma said, “Incident which took place unfortunately where the ship of Pakistan navy came much closer than what is prudent as far as anybody operating ships at sea is concerned.” According to the report the incident took place at the Gulf of Aden.

Thus the social media claim that the viral video is from a recent event on Gujarat coastline is totally false. The incident took place between INS Godavari and PNS Babar in 2011 at the Gulf of Aden.

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