Alt News has received several requests to verify a video on our WhatsApp number. The footage shows a row of people crouching with their hands tied as they are being shot at one by one. It is being claimed the video depicts the Taliban executing Afghans.

Due to the graphic nature of the video, Alt News will not be including it in this report.


One of the men seen firing in the viral clip appears to be carrying the ISIS flag.

We performed a keyword search using this information and found the same footage in a 2014 video explainer by The Guardian on ISIS.

ISIS is a militant group in Iraq and Syria that is so radical that even Al-Qaeda has rejected it, said The Guardian. These photos and videos were released by ISIS.

In addition, several scenes in the video are similar to pictures that can be found in numerous news stories from 2016 which say that ISIS had released a video of its members killing 50 Iraqis.

The video in question is therefore not linked to the recent events in Afghanistan. It is actually more than six years old and shows ISIS fighters killing Syrian and Iraqi people.

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