See, if you want to make sure ‘intellectuals’ like this ass listen to your grievances, the first thing you’ve to indulge is in largescale mindless violence. Gau Rakshaks you know what to do. Stop with sundry lynchings.” Rahul Roushan, CEO of right-wing news portal OpIndia, tweeted this ‘advice’ to gau rakshaks asking them to give up sundry lynchings and instead indulge in large scale violence to get attention. Roushan was reacting to a tweet of lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan. He seemed upset that Prashant Bhushan had shared a Reuters news story from India Today on Pulwama suicide bomber and commented “It’s imp to understand why so many young men in Kashmir are becoming militants & willing to die.

Roushan, however, quickly deleted his tweet and instead posted two other tweets where he rambled about a group of farmers trying to protect their valuable assets (cattle) from smugglers.

The deletion of the tweet did not go unnoticed and some social media users called him out regarding the same.

In the past, OpIndia has written plenty of articles where journalists of other organisations have been targeted for their pronouncements on social media. However, this tweet by their own CEO calling for mob violence seems to have skipped their radar.