The rate at which cow vigilante attacks are happening across the country is alarming and does not bode well for our democracy. From attacks every few months, the rate has increased to multiple attacks every fortnight. In the month of May, there have been recorded attacks in Malegaon, Bhubhaneswar, Ujjain, Aligarh and Greater Noida. The most horrific tale of gau rakshak terror in recent times was when Pehlu Khan was lynched in Alwar on April 1st, 2017.

Meanwhile, a gazette dated 23rd May, 2017, from the Government of India has banned the sale of cows and buffaloes for slaughter through animal markets. As reported by Hindustan Times, this central regulation for cattle business allows only farmland owners to trade at animal markets. To protest against this new diktat by the Union Government, beef festivals have been arranged in many places and especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Members of Kerala Youth Congress also publicly slaughtered a calf in protest, the video of which went viral and was the reason for a major outrage across the country. BJP milked this opportunity to gain political mileage and many BJP leaders took to Twitter to condemn this incident.

As several tweets from various BJP big-wigs condemning the public slaughter of cattle in Kerala started pouring in, people also started questioning the missing outrage on part of these BJP leaders when cow-vigilante attacks happened and especially in the case of lynching of Pehlu Khan. We analyzed the timelines of 100 most active BJP MPs/MLAs/Spokespersons on Twitter to find out who all condemned the public slaughter of cattle by Kerala Youth Congress. We further further investigated the timelines of those who condemned the slaughter of cattle to see if they condemned the lynching of Pehlu Khan. Based on the list that we investigated, not one BJP leader who outraged about the slaughter of cattle condemned the lynching of Pehlu Khan.

Here’s the list of those who exclusively outraged about cow slaughter and never tweeted about the lynching of Pehlu Khan. The rest didn’t comment on either of the two incidents.

Quite a few in the list above who selectively outraged about cattle slaughter are either elected representatives in present or have been one in the past. All of them swore by the Constitution of India when they either recited or signed an oath with the following words, “I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India”. Since they swore by the Constitution of India, they must try and read the Preamble of the Indian Constitution. They’ll notice that the Preamble starts with the phrase “We, the people of India”, and not “We, the cows of India”.