“Breaking News

*Priyanka Vadra* after 4 shots of *Vodka🥂* totally sloshed
She is hitting her own party woman(me)
Wah re Congress😡

But No News Cover

So plz share it behalf of me

Rubina Malik
(Ex Congress Representative)”

A video of Congress general secretary for UP-East Priyanka Gandhi where she is escorted by a group of people and can be heard saying, “hato (move) has been shared on social media. According to the message circulated along with the video, Gandhi was in an inebriated state at an event where she was seen hitting a woman formerly associated with the Congress party. The post further claims that this incident got no media coverage. It attempts to suggest that this video was circulated with the aforementioned caption by Rubina Malik, the aggrieved party.

One Sukesh Shetty had posted the video, on a Facebook group, Arnab Goswami fan club, stating the identical caption. A Twitter user, Seema Trivedi, tweeted the video with the same narrative, insinuating that Mrs. Gandhi was in a drunken state.

Many other individuals on Facebook and Twitter have shared the video with the same message.

We were requested to fact-check this claim on our WhatsApp number.

Old video, false narrative

Alt News had earlier debunked this claim in January 2019. It was found that the incident took place at the midnight candlelight protest march, led by Congress president Rahul Gandhi in the wake of the Kathua and Unnao rape cases. According to a report, Priyanka Gandhi lost her cool when she and her children were pushed around at the march. Moreover, a report published by Hindustan Times stated, “The police had a hard time controlling the crowd (some of them were even drunk) as many had crossed over the barricades and even broke through them. Traffic movement too came to a halt near the India Gate due to the crowd.” News 18 also reported that Gandhi was heckled by a crowd at the march. Furthermore, a Google search reveals that no such Congress representative named Rubina Malik existed till date.

An old video of Priyanka Gandhi escaping a crowd where she was heckled, was shared with the false claim that she had hit a party worker under the influence of alcohol. Since her appointment as the AICC general secretary for UP East, Mrs Gandhi has been incessantly targeted via misinformation on social media.

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