“Perhaps you won’t believe it … this woman is a robot that was unveiled by Japan a few days ago.” This is the message which has been shared on social media along with a video, which apparently shows a robot in female form.

Perhaps you won’t believe it … this woman is a robot that was unveiled by Japan a few days ago. 👇🏻

Posted by Terry Leew on Monday, April 8, 2019

The above post, by an individual user, is of March 2019. Several individual users, over the past few months, have posted the video on Facebook with identical text.

The video has also been posted on Twitter, with the same text.

The one-minute long video clip is in the form of an interview. The female figure is called Chloe. The conversation is as follows:

Interviewer: My name is John

Chloe: Delighted to meet you John

Interviewer: Could you tell us a little about yourself and what you can do Chloe?

Chloe: Of course. I am the first personal assistant built by cyber life. I take care of everyday tasks like cooking, housework, or arranging your appointments for example

Interviewer: And I understand you are the first android to have passed the Turing test, could you tell us a little more about that?

Chloe: I really didnt do much you know, I just spoke with a few humans to see if they could tell the difference between me and a real person. It was a really interesting experience

Interviewer: This is the first time in history that man has created a machine more intelligent than himself; I gather your brain can perform several billion billion operations per second, is that right?

Chloe: Absolutely, but I only exist thanks to the intelligence of the humans who designed me, and they have something I could never have

Interviewer: Really? And what’s that?

Chloe: A soul

The nature of the conversation makes it seem as if Chloe has been designed to be a super-sophisticated robot. Is that really the case?


Alt News found that the cyborg-like female figure in the video is a character in a video game. Reverse-searching one of the frames of the video on Google, we came across a fan website of Detroit: Become Human, a “cinematic neo-noir thriller game”, which has been launched for Playstation 4. In the game, Chloe is an android.

The character of Chloe has been portrayed by French actor Gabrielle Hersh.

Posted below is a video related to the game, in which the character Chloe can be seen.

It may thus be noted that the video in question is a promotional feature for a video game, Detroit: Become Human, and not a fembot developed by Japan.

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