With Congress President Rahul Gandhi on a two-day visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Congress leaders and supporters on social media have gone overboard in their projection of his supposed popularity.

Rahul Gandhi’s poster is seen plastered on the back of a bus, and has been shared on social media.

Moreover, a set of images shared on social media shows Gandhi splashed on billboards across Dubai.

The above tweet is by Lalit Nagar, who is General Secretary of the Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC). It has been tweeted on January 11, the day Gandhi arrived in Dubai. Another tweet of January 3 by Rukshmani Kumari, member of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee, shows Rahul Gandhi on a massive billboard with the words RG@UAE.


Photofunia is a photo editing website with a large collection of templates for representing photographs in an interesting and unique manner. Among the various templates or ‘effects’ as the website calls it, is the ‘billboard’ effect. Here, photographs of individuals can be superimposed on the template to create an impression of presence on a billboard.

The above image has been created using the City Billboard effect, while the image posted below has been conjured using another effect, Billboards at Night.

Insofar as the image of Gandhi’s poster on the bus is concerned, Alt News used Yandex and came across the original image on a blog called The Purple Journal. The image is indeed of a bus in Dubai, but there is no Rahul Gandhi poster on the back windshield.

These images were earlier debunked by Boom Live. Earlier, a digitally created video was shared widely by Congress supporters on social media to show how Rahul Gandhi’s image had been beamed on the Burj Khalifa.

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