Is there a prohibition on politicians going out with friends to have a meal at a restaurant? Is it wrong for politicians to socialize? India Today’s Managing Editor Rahul Kanwal posted an update at 6:54 pm on April 22nd on his official Facebook page with two pictures of Rahul Gandhi which were purportedly released by former Congress Leader Barkha Shukla who joined BJP yesterday. In these pictures, Rahul Gandhi can be seen sitting with 3 other people at a restaurant/pub. “It’s gone viral. Images of Rahul Gandhi and his friends at a pub. These pictures have been released by former Cong leader, Barkha Shukla, who has joined the BJP recently,” stated Rahul Kanwal in his status update.

Rahul Kanwal posting pictures of Rahul Gandhi

Why has Rahul Kanwal posted personal pictures of a politician on his Facebook page? What is the motive? Political leaders launching personal attacks at each other is a common thing, especially during the Election time, but why would a senior journalist like Rahul Kanwal indulge in such behaviour? Expectedly, he got called out by a lot of people on his Facebook page.

This is his personal life at the highest. Is it crime? Barkha so far was enjoying power and fruits of Congress than party was right but now as per wind she is changed.
I don't see anything wrong in this pictures. And I am as anti RaGa as one can be. What are you trying to prove, that he drinks and likes to enjoy?

I don't support Rahul but it's his personal choice, what a man can't have drinks with his friends just because he is a politician!! Never expected such crap from a leading journalist like Rahul Kanwal #ShameonyouRahulKanwal
So what? I mean it's fine to troll RaGa (*he's worth it😂)but this is just ludicrous! It's his personal life!! He can live it the way he wants besides he's just hanging out with some mates which seems fine!! Exposing anyone's privacy just for vengeance is poor and pathetic!!
It's his personal life Mr. Rahul Kanwal. I am anti RaGa and believe that he should be trolled. But this is cheapest level of journalism. You disgraced not only yourself but also the indian media industry. #ShameonYouRahulKanwal
We should respect everyone's privacy , That would be much more better if you would have published any news on poverty or injustice happening in India,
Rahul Kanwal what a low mentality person you are. Stop posting pictures of someone's personal life. Learn some ethics of journalism. It's because of some cheap journalists like you that people have slowly lost respect for the journalists in India.
What the hell is wrong with you Rahul Kanwal? Don't be a creep by posting pictures of someone's personal life. Will you be alright if the same happens with you?
Although I might not admire Rahul Gandhi but this is going a bit too low for journalists now. It's his personal life. No one has any right to intrude in someone's personal life.

It is one thing if a person chooses to post their own personal pictures in the public domain. Rahul Kanwal has done that in the past on his own Twitter timeline.

However, posting personal pictures of other people on your personal Facebook page just because a leader from an opposing party posted them is downright pathetic.