An image of a girl holding what looks like a liquor bottle is being shared with the claim that the picture depicts a JNU student. In the image, one can also see two packets of cigarettes placed on the table right next to the girl. Posting the image, Twitter user Ravinar opined, “The liquor bottle in her hand apart.. This JNU junkie has 2 packs of “Classic” on the table as she smokes one…Each pack costs 300 bucks.. And these castards are whining about fee hike?…” It was retweeted close to 400 times so far.

One more photograph of a girl who seems to have tied her with a condom is also being circulated on social media. BJP’s State Executive Committee member for Telangana, Karuna Gopal, tweeted the image with a message, “JNU ‘s fall cannot be explained better than this – Condom to tie hair & Naked protests”. It is being claimed that the woman in that particular photograph is a JNU student.

The images are also circulating on WhatsApp.


Alt News reverse searched the images on Google and found that both the images are unrelated and old. We were able to trace back the images at least till two years from now.

Image 1

The above image was posted on a blog in August 2016 with no context or information whatsoever about the photo. “Today girls…”, reads the title of the blog which includes multiple unidentified images of women smoking or drinking liquor.

Image 2

This image was posted by a Twitter user on December 30, 2017. Apart from a generic message, no details about the girl’s identity are unveiled. Hence, if one of the earliest instance of this image on the Internet that Alt News could find doesn’t identify the girl as a JNU student, it is most likely lifted from the Internet and circulated with a misleading context.

In conclusion, two old and unrelated images were shared on social media to claim that JNU students are splurging money on alcohol and other pleasures of life but they don’t have money to pay their hiked fees.

About the Author

Jignesh is a writer and researcher at Alt News. He has a knack for visual investigation with a major interest in fact-checking videos and images. He has completed his Masters in Journalism from Gujarat University.