A set of photographs is viral on social media with the claim that an Idol of Hindu deity Kali in Gate Bazar Kali Mandir, Siliguri was demolished. Twitter user Roop Darak, whose bio reads that he is BJYM Telangana state official spokesperson, was among those who shared the images.

Another user @vaishnavi_mish also tweeted the images with the same claim. The claim is viral on Facebook.

A few users asserted that “Muslim miscreants” were behind the alleged vandalism.

A Facebook page ‘Stand with Hindu’ wrote, “Kali maa idol demolished by jihadis in Siliguri of West Bengal..जिहादियों ने मंदिरों में तोडफ़ोड़ किया।।”


A keyword search on Google led us to a report published by Siliguri Times on January 21, 2020. According to the report, robbers had broken into the Kali temple on Tuesday morning.

Media outlet Prabhat Khabar reported the incident on January 22. As per the article, locals informed the police that the robbers used sticks to steal jewellery placed on the idol. However, they failed and the idol broke. The report also claimed that five people were arrested for the crime.

Alt News contacted New Jalpaiguri police station and was told that it was indeed a robbery attempt. The robbers tried to steal jewellery with sticks with hooked ends but failed. The police informed that no jewellery was found stolen. However, contrary to Prabhat Khabar’s reportage, the cops also said that arrests are yet to be made and the case is still under investigation. Therefore, social media claims blaming members of the Muslim community are baseless.

According to Dainik Jagran, this was the eight robbery attempt in the temple.

A case of an attempted robbery at a Kali mandir in Siliguri, West Bengal was communalised on social media. While several users falsely claimed that Hindu deity Kali’s idol was ‘demolished’, others blamed members of the Muslim community without any base.