Ratan Sharda, RSS thinker and ideologue, was called out by twitterati after he posted this tweet on December 23.

The picture of a t-shirt with the caption ‘All I want for Christmas is a new Prime Minister’ was posted by Sharda with the title ‘#TheChurch in full form. #HappyXmas. Great marketing’. The tweet which pointed fingers at the Christian community for running a political campaign in the garb of the festival was also posted by the fake news website Postcard News on its Facebook page, and also by the page ‘Ajit Kumar Doval’.

This is the kind of Campaign they are running against our PM….Pls Share

Posted by Post Card on Sunday, December 24, 2017

Alt News ran a quick fact check on the origin and context of the photograph and found that such t-shirts are widely available online for sale. The t-shirt has nothing to do with the Church or its politics. A number of online shopping websites from U.S.A, Canada and U.K have been selling such t-shirts for a long time, catering to the politically conscious.

The photograph was twisted by Sharda to make it seem that the Christian community is inherently antithetical to the Prime Minister. Sharda’s mischief did not escape notice by twitterati, some of whom called him out for his bigotry.

Alt News had exposed how Ratan Sharda had cast aspersions on Judge O.P Saini who delivered the verdict in the 2G spectrum case exonerating A. Raja and Kanimozhi, on the basis of a WhatsApp forward that turned out to be fake. On numerous instances, we have seen how photographs have been taken out of context to spin a political narrative. This time, the bait was an innocuous t-shirt.

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