A screengrab of an alleged News18 broadcast is viral on social media. Alt News has received multiple requests on its official mobile application to fact-check the image. The text on screengrab reads, “31 दिसंबर 2019 से पहले-पहले बैंक में ₹२००० के नोट जमा करा दे। (Deposit Rs 2000 notes in the bank before 31 December 2019.)”

Tweeting four screengrabs of the News18 broadcast, a twitter user wrote: “Ye kya masla hai,?” (What is this issue?).

1. The first image is the one we have described above.

2. The text on the second screengrab reads, “आप ₹50 हजार तक ही ₹2000 के नोट बदलवा सकते हैं। (you can exchange ₹2000 notes only up to the amount of ₹50,000.)”

3. The third photograph reads, “₹2000 का नोट बंद, ₹1000 का नोट शुरु!” (₹2000 notes are banned and ₹1000 notes have been introduced.)

4. “RBI 1 जनवरी 2020 से ₹1000 के नये नोट जारी करने जा रहा है।” (From 1st January 2020, RBI is going to implement new ₹1000 note.) – reads the text on the fourth screengrab.

Fact-check: RBI has made no such announcement

Alt News had fact-checked this viral claim earlier and found it to be false. RBI has not made any such announcements. Any decision taken by the central bank is posted on its website where no such information is available. Apart from this, Alt News also confirmed the same with RBI’s communications department.

Images from News18’s fact-check

Alt News found that the images are from a News18 India broadcast where the channel was investigating the rumours. This is indicated in the images itself. All the images have the question “खबर पक्की है ?” (Is the news confirmed?) . The fact-check was broadcast on December 15.

Screengrabs of News18‘s fact-check report debunking false rumours of the RBI scrapping Rs 2000 notes is viral with a false claim. The RBI is not discontinuing Rs 2000 notes. Furthermore, the claim that the central bank will issue new Rs 1000 notes is also false and has been debunked by Alt News here.

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