Modi supporter ciculates fake gurmehar kaur dance video
Modi supporter ciculates fake gurmehar kaur dance video

The bhakt gang is up to their usual tactics again. Many people like ‘Ashwani Gupta’ in the image above, who has a picture of PM Modi in his cover image, have shared a fake video of Gurmehar Kaur endlessly on social media, whatsapp and youtube and have made this video go viral. They are circulating a video of a young woman singing/dancing in a moving car with her friends, having drinks, and they claim that the young woman is Gurmehar Kaur. To start with, what is wrong with a woman drinking or dancing? Nothing at all. However, the bhakt gang knows that to defame a woman, especially in eyes of the regressive sections of India’s population, a video of a woman dancing, drinking is enough to vilify her character. One such instance on youtube can be seen below.

Many such instances of this fake videos uploaded on youtube

This anonymous video was seemingly uploaded to youtube sometime in September last year based on the following Google Search (reverse image search). The identity of the occupants of the car is unknown.

The same video has now been uploaded multiple times to youtube, facebook, twitter etc claiming it is Gurmehar. Here are a few recent search results as seen on the youtube website.

Based on our research, the video was first uploaded on Facebook by a man called Vikram Bhanushali. This was the source where over 135k people video viewed it and forwarded it using various platforms.

That Vikram Bhanusali is a Modi fan is evident from the posts on his Facebook profile. For eg, in this post on his Facebook timeline, he alleges that media is working overtime to ensure PM Modi’s defeat in Varanasi.

The ramification of such vilification is that Gurmehar Kaur’s mother had to come forward and state that the video is indeed fake. A report on India Today site states the following:

Gurmehar’s mother Rajvinder has outrightly rubbished the video. In a phone call, Rajvinder was very confident when she denied that the girl shown in the video was her daughter. Instead, she objected to the way a pretty girl was being maligned for no reason. Many of Gurmehar’s friends and relatives have rang in too, to ask Rajvinder to confirm if it was her daughter in the video.

So after issuing rape threats and abusing in the most vulgar fashion, this is the latest vilification campaign by the right wing against Gurmehar.