“दर्दनाक…..अलीगढ़ मोहल्ला शेखान अपर कोट।बेटी ने ताला तुड़वाया तो अंदर 10 दिन से भूखी प्यासी अपनी अम्मा को देखकर बेसुध हो गई अम्मा को अकेला छोड़कर बहू बेटा निकले दिल्ली शाहीन बाग में मौज मस्ती करने (Disturbing…incident from Aligarh’s Shekhan locality. A daughter broke the lock of the house and found her mother was starving alone sicne last 10 days. Seeing her mother, the daughter lost consciousness. The son and daughter-in-law of this old lady had gone to Shaheen Bagh to have a merry-time -translated),” reads the message shared along with a video where some people are seen breaking the lock of a house and finding an elderly woman in an insensate state. According to the claim shared on social media, a couple left the old woman home alone to attend protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh. It added that she was locked for 10 days. Twitter user Bharat Singh Chandravat, who in his bio claims to be a member of BJP Rajasthan’s youth-wing, posted the video with the same claim. The tweet (archive) has garnered close to 9,000 views so far.

Baseless claim

With a keyword search on Google, Alt News found that the video is indeed from Aligarh’s Sher Khan locality. According to a report published by Aaj Tak, a son had left her 90-year-old mother locked inside the house and was out travelling with his family for the last ten days. When the woman’s daughter found out, she filed a case against three people in the matter.

Moreover, we found several other reports – Zee News, News 18, Patrika on the incident however they don’t specify the place location where the couple travelled.

However, we found a video report by a YouTube channel R9 TV on January 25, 2020. At 1:17 minutes in the clip, correspondent Pramod Kumar can be heard giving details according to which, the couple were travelling in Manali for the last ten days.

Alt News also contacted with Uttar Pradesh police. We were informed that the matter is still under investigation and the cops are yet to interrogate the concerned persons.

Suffice to say, the social media claim that a couple had gone to Shaheen Bagh after locking their mother in a house for ten days is baseless.

Viral on social media

The video has been widely circulated on Twitter with the same claim.

Several other individuals on Facebook have also shared the video with the same narrative.

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Kinjal Parmar holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. However, her keen interest in journalism, drove her to pursue journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. At Alt News since 2019, she focuses on authentication of information which includes visual verification, media misreports, examining mis/disinformation across social media. She is the lead video producer at Alt News and manages social media accounts for the organization.