A video clip in which a cameraman tracking a race ends up ‘winning’ it has been shared by several social media users.

The 11-second video clip shows a track race. As the athletes come close to the finishing line, the cameraman who is running parallel to them, surges with a dash, ‘finishing’ ahead of the athletes. Actor Amitabh Bachchan is among those who have shared this video. Bachchan quote-tweeted a tweet which shared the video attracting over 2.5 lakh views. The tweet itself has 8,000 likes.


The video clip represents not an actual race, but a commercial. Alt News searched Google with the keywords ‘Cameraman wins race’, and found this video.

The video was posted in 2007 by Jack Wynne on Youtube. He described the video as – “A commercial i directed out in South Africa replicating a real Olympic stadium event!

Wynne uploaded the video again in 2016, describing it as – “A better version of the Powerade commercial I directed with Jim Canty back in the day, and which seems to be getting a lot of interest again! Set to 480p resolution!”. Powerade is a sports beverage manufactured by The Coca Cola company.

Jake Wynne is a director, editor and filmmaker based in the UK. He has also featured the commercial on his website.

A video clip showing an advertisement for an energy drink, in which a cameraman is seen beating athletes in a professional race, has been construed as real and shared on social media.

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