Pakistani Canadian author Tarek Fatah tweeted a video with the claim that it shows a Pakistani mother denying polio workers from vaccinating her children. “Pakistani mother slams the door shut in the face of Polio workers. Screams at the two female volunteers,” reads his tweet. Fatah later took down his tweet but not before it drew more than 9,000 retweets and over 2 lakh views.

The same clip has been tweeted by other users as well.

The video with the identical claim has also reached Facebook and YouTube.

Movie clip

The video tweeted by Tarek Fatah is part of a 2018 movie Pakistani film ‘Load Wedding’. The lead actor Mehwish Hayat responded to Fatah’s tweet, calling out the misinformation.

The same clip was uploaded on August 2, 2018, on YouTube. One can also spot cameras and the production team in the video.

Tarek Fatah therefore tweeted a clip from a movie as a Pakistani mother refusing polio workers from giving vaccination drops to her children.

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