Will the ‘Kanhaiyas and Khalids’ salute our Sukma braves? Watch the debate on TIMES NOW; tweet with #SukmaSacrifice

26 CRPF personnel have been killed in a dastardly attack by Maoists in the Sukma district in Chattisgarh. Reportedly, the attack took place at around 12.25pm between the Burkapal-Chintagufa area in south Bastar. From Kashmir to Bastar, there’s an uptick in separatist attacks and Naxal attacks despite PM Modi assuring us that demonetization had neutralised Pak-based terrorism, Separatism in Kashmir and Naxalism in the Maoist-affected areas. Shouldn’t this be considered a failure of Home Minister (HM) Kanhaiya Kumar and National Security Advisor (NSA) Umar Khalid? Shouldn’t they resign because people now claim that PM Modi’s claims vis-a-vis demonetisation were nothing but attempts to bluff the Indian populace? Please watch the following clip where Times Now peels the skin of Mr Kumar’s and Mr Khalid’s back for their complete failure as HM and NSA.

Times Now has never shied away from questioning the Govt. They are the only channel which has consistently questioned the powerful. In April 2014, when an attacked happened in the same region, Times Now had boldly questioned UPA Home Ministers P Chidambaram, Shivraj Patil and Sushil Kumar Shinde.

For such bold journalism, people flocked to Times Now’s Twitter timeline and showered them with praises. We have captured some of the wonderful comments left by admirers of Times Now.

Who r kanhiya nd khalid ??? U r only saving this bullshit govt. By Turing this cowardice act to kahiya nd khalid. Stop this nonsense nw.

Just an FYI dear doggy channel, Kanhaiya 's own brother was in para military force and got martyrd fighting these naxals only !! #shutupnow

Disgusted by ur channel!! How dare u try to shift focus to 2 students, rather than local n central governments. Kitna bikoge aur

Wow instead of asking government about security of our CRPF they want TRP with Kanhiya and Umar. What a Shameless Journalism!

Poora narrative hi change kar diya. Govt se poochne mein @TimesNow ki fat jaati hai.

Yeah brilliant take on the tragedy. Never hold the Government accountable ?

You sold out jokers...it's a massive security failure and govts are questioned for such failures. But you have sold your soul. Just get lost

Even Rajdeep Sardesai, a consulting editor with India Today, was over-joyed with Times Now’s journalism and appreciated their effort. India Today’s Gaurav Sawant must not be happy that a Senior Editor from his channel is appreciating a competing channel’s journalism style which is usually his forte.

Wow! Is this what we have reduced a serious internal security challenge to? Depressed to be part of this industry.

Enthused by the unprecedented love showered by Times Now enthusiasts, Times Now has pledged to carry their bold journalism forever and ever. They will not rest till Home Minister Kanhaiya Kumar and National Security Advisor Umar Khalid tender their resignation. Bravo!