Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra has been a prominent newsmaker over the past week with her speech in the Lok Sabha, followed by false claims that it was plagiarised from an article written by an American journalist.

On Twitter, multiple accounts have sprung up, claiming to be Mahua Moitra.

Unsurprisingly, some Twitter users seem to have been deceived. For instance, the screenshot posted below is of a fake account of Moitra(@moitra_mahua). This account has close to 6000 followers, and among those who follow it include TMC MP Derek O’Brien and journalist Sankarshan Thakur. The account clearly impersonates the TMC MP by suggesting that it belongs to her.


The official Twitter account of Mahua Moitra is @MahuaMoitra. This was confirmed to Alt News by Moitra herself who said, “I have only one official account, which is @MahuaMoitra.” The same is clearly mentioned in the Bio section of the account. A screenshot of her official account is posted below.


Twitter’s policy on parody/newsfeed/commentary/fan accounts categorically states that users are allowed to create these, provided they follow certain guidelines, such as unambiguous mention in the Bio section and the account name, that the said account is not affiliated with the subject of the account, and that it is a parody and/or fan account.

While one of the accounts states that it is a parody account of Ms. Moitra, two others have referred to the accounts as fan accounts. It may be noted that the account @Moitra_Mahua added the ‘parody’ disclaimer only at the time of writing this article. Among those deceived by this handle include Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary and Business Line.

It may be noted that the official Twitter handle of TMC MP Mahua Moitra is @MahuaMoitra. All other accounts are mere impersonations.

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